“Two Lobsters : Four Dishes” Video

We are very happy and proud to share our video with you, “Two Lobsters : Four Dishes.” Very big special thanks to my director Johnny Kingsboro, and to a band I love – COUGAR – for providing the wonderful music! Thank YOU for watching, please SHARE, and feel free to leave any questions and comments.

Dish One: Lobster Bisque (two claws)
Dish Two: Lobster Fritters (two claws and four knuckles)
Dish Three: Lobster Fried Rice (one tail)
Dish Four: Lobster Roll (one tail)


Host: Chef Joseph Yoon
Director: Johnny Kingsboro
Producer: Yummy Eats

Song: Atlatl
Band: Cougar
Label: Layered Music

Vibes: James Kingsboro

Brooklyn, NY
(c) 2016 Yummy Eats, Inc.


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