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  • "Joseph is one of the most creative and versatile Chefs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. No challenge is too big and no scenario is impossible. His ability to pair food with artisanal and craft beer is uncanny. Yummy Eats is an essential part of our most special events at Idle Hands." - Rev David C., Beer Sommelier & Owner, Idle Hands Bar

    "Joseph Yoon is one of the true innovators and characters in the supper club scene." - Harris D., Co-Founder of Underground Eats

    “It was a pleasure to work with Joseph and Yummy Eats. His professionalism, courtesy, sense of organization, culinary skill, and the all around loveliness of him and his staff delighted our guests and made our event a completely relaxed affair.” - Andrea L., The New York Open Center

    “Yummy Eats has 'popped up' at my bar...and the food is delicious, the set-up is minimal and Joseph has a fun and loyal following.” - Diane F., Owner, t.b.d. Brooklyn

    "Yummy Eats was a wonderful addition to our 1 year anniversary party. The food was excellent, and was both presented and served in style. The set up was also incredibly professional, and to see the food being cooked in front of us was such a bonus, and was most certainly a crowd pleaser." - Naomi B., Lone Wolf

    "Joseph and Yummy Eats has brought a unique and amazing take on pairing food with drinks, and has been an intricate part of our most talked about nights at the bar." - Marc S., Owner, Idle Hands Bar

    “As this was my first experience with Kitchensurfing, I didn't know what to expect. Joseph quickly quieted my concerns. Communication with him was easy, he absorbed all the details and my interests, offered great suggestions for menu options and was just a delight to work with. His work was flawless from the moment he arrived. The food was delicious and he ensured there would be enough for all guests. In a nutshell, Joseph was fantastic and not only do I plan on using his services again, I will absolutely recommend him to others.” - Lev E., IAdventure

    “Joseph is awesome. He cooked a delicious, savory five course meal for two in our home as a surprise to my wife for her birthday. He was very responsive and accommodating from the start, helping me to plan a great menu and all the other details. I would highly recommend Joseph and I'll definitely be enjoying his cooking again myself sometime soon.” - Paraag S.

    "Joseph's...warm personality and creative, delicious menus have absolutely captured our hearts (and stomachs)! From the start, he has been incredibly easy to work with - responding quickly to our queries, developing great options for specific dietary needs, and offering a variety of interesting menus for us to choose from. He's always on time, super clean and organized, and an absolute joy to chat with while he's cooking and serving. Joseph's positivity and warmth are reflected in his food." - Shannon F.

    “These guys make some delicious food. They brought crab cakes, and I was in heaven. Then they brought fried chicken, and it practically made me quit my job and travel the world. Life altering stuff. I will eat anything they cook. They are awesome.” - Kyle W.

    “Thanks to Joseph, a small political fundraiser we held was a tremendous success. I highly recommend booking Joseph for events. We had a very short time to arrange the event and as soon I spoke with Joseph, I instantly had confidence in his talent to prepare delicious food as well as his organizational skills. Planning an event for 25 people within 7 days is tricky; there are too many decisions and too many moving parts, not too mention that the event space is a completely empty home/kitchen. However, Joseph was able to guide us through the process, simplifying the details and asking the right questions. He presented a highly inventive menu selection for passed hors d'ouevres and small plates. In addition, he paired fantastic wine. We were able to stay within our budget, and what's more, the guests were raving about the food and were able to bring some extras home. Joseph surpassed our expectations and made it easy for us to enjoy the event. Choose Joseph and Yummy Eats!” - Lindsey A.

    "The Yummy Eats end of February Celebration was a fabulous night in every way. First of all, the food was fantastic. The only comments you heard around the bar were super positive. As the owner of the bar, I decided to try all seven dishes and I had a hard time recommending any one over another...loved them all. Thanks Joseph for putting such a fun night together in a tight space. Your setup is streamlined to please!" - David P., The Diamond

    “I can't say enough good things about our experience in working with Joseph. From pre-planning through execution, he made a special occasion (97th birthday for my mother) super special and memorable. It all came together flawlessly. Joseph is so easy to work with and very flexible and accommodating to varied dietary needs. His presentation of the food and the flavors and tenderness of the meats (as testified by all the oohs and ahs from the guests) as well as his wonderful personality and warmth endeared Joseph to all. There were generous amounts of food so no one left hungry, and doggie bags were divided up so we all could have one more taste the next day! Joseph clearly enjoys what he does. I had seen previous reviews and noted that his fried chicken was recommended. I made sure to order it and it did not disappoint--everyone raved. In summary, I would not hesitate to have him for any occasion where you are looking for something and someone very special.” - David S.

    “We enjoyed Chef Joseph and his wonderful assistant. They were so professional, punctual and the cooking was phenomenal. The event was for my daughter's Sweet 16 Party and everybody enjoyed the food he prepared. The portions were generous and everyone was amazed at the gorgeous food he made. The fancy appetizers were the highlight of the evening. My daughter said they were heavenly! Chef Joseph made the entire process so easy and painless, I felt like I could just sit back and relax and let him take over. Thanks Chef Joseph and his assistant for making this a delightful and memorable event for all of us. We highly recommend Chef Joseph for any special occasion!” - Stacy L.

    “Joseph came over and cooked dinner for 8. It was absolutely fantastic. The food was delicious, the timing was perfect, the energy and fun he brought to the evening was delightful. I can't wait to have him back again soon.” - David T.

    “To call the meal that Joseph prepared for us delicious is a terrible understatement. Everything tasted amazing, yes, but his inventiveness and creativity made the dishes so much better. More importantly, though, Joseph radiates energy and personality, which honestly made the whole experience.” - Max S.
  • Underground Eats - "Considering some of the diners had travelled hours to get to the supper club, Joseph’s reputation is spreading fast. We can’t wait to see what Yummy Eats will be serving next."
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    Highbrow Magazine - "Joseph presented a “Dim Sum Fantasy Dinner,” involving eight courses of expertly crafted dim sum delights..."
    <a href=""_blank">review link</a>

    Joonbug - Named one of the favorite dishes at the Lucky Rice Night Market
    <a href=""_blank">review link</a>

    Greenpointers - "The food paparazzi were in full force and when Chef Joseph Yoon brought out each gorgeously plated dish, anxious hands held back until every iphone in the room recorded the food glory."
    <a href=""_blank">review link</a>

    Kitchen Surfing - "Joseph came in guns blazing and really blew us away."
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