Fall Fete Dinner for Calypso St. Barth

When Calypso St. Barth asked me to cook a special Fall Fete Dinner for one of their models, Natalie Suarez, I was pondering what kind of menu to create for her and her guests.  I inquired whether there were any dietary restrictions and was pleasantly surprised when they said there were none.  So, I decided to do one of my signature Chef’s Table Meals and customized a ten-course dinner for them.

Natalie wrote a wonderful blog about her experience and said, “We had a mouthwatering 10-course meal made in my kitchen! He couldn’t believe what appetites we had, since we completely licked our plates clean. His amazing energy just lit up our living room. We couldn’t wait to try each dish.”

You can read her blog about the dinner here:  http://natalieoffduty.com/2015/10/calypso-st-barth-fall-fete-natalie-suarez/

CSB-with Natalie

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