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Dinner Echo is about YOU and making your gastronomical dreams come true!

We love being invited to life’s precious moments (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations) and customize menus that are specialized to the preferences and needs of our diners.  We are committed to providing a premium service from the start to end of our events, and will work to ensure that every detail is met to perfection.

We are thrilled to share in our passion, expertise, and experiences of dining with you.  Chef Joseph Yoon founded Dinner Echo in 2017 as a new brand to his sister company Yummy Eats (est 2011).

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“Two Lobsters : Four Dishes” Video

We are very happy and proud to share our video with you, “Two Lobsters : Four Dishes.” Very big special thanks to my director Johnny Kingsboro, and to a band I love – COUGAR – for providing the wonderful music! Thank YOU for watching, please SHARE, and feel free to leave any questions and comments.

Dish One: Lobster Bisque (two claws)
Dish Two: Lobster Fritters (two claws and four knuckles)
Dish Three: Lobster Fried Rice (one tail)
Dish Four: Lobster Roll (one tail)


Host: Chef Joseph Yoon
Director: Johnny Kingsboro
Producer: Yummy Eats

Song: Atlatl
Band: Cougar
Label: Layered Music

Vibes: James Kingsboro

Brooklyn, NY
(c) 2016 Yummy Eats, Inc.


“Eat With” Korean Dinner

We are excited to begin working with Eat With and will be hosting dinner parties at Chef Yoon’s home.  We welcome this opportunity to cook for our guests and extend the hospitality and comforts of our home to cook for you.

Our first dinner will be on Thu, Jan 14th and will feature a Korean menu with a lot of inspiration drawn from my mother and family!  More information can be found on this link:  http://www.eatwith.com/offering/13164/?eventId=18991

We have many other dinners planned and hope you can join us!

Our home is also available for you to host your own dinner parties for groups of 2-10 people.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.  Thank you!

Eat With

Fall Fete Dinner for Calypso St. Barth

When Calypso St. Barth asked me to cook a special Fall Fete Dinner for one of their models, Natalie Suarez, I was pondering what kind of menu to create for her and her guests.  I inquired whether there were any dietary restrictions and was pleasantly surprised when they said there were none.  So, I decided to do one of my signature Chef’s Table Meals and customized a ten-course dinner for them.

Natalie wrote a wonderful blog about her experience and said, “We had a mouthwatering 10-course meal made in my kitchen! He couldn’t believe what appetites we had, since we completely licked our plates clean. His amazing energy just lit up our living room. We couldn’t wait to try each dish.”

You can read her blog about the dinner here:  http://natalieoffduty.com/2015/10/calypso-st-barth-fall-fete-natalie-suarez/

CSB-with Natalie

Chef Joseph Yoon Featured on Grub Street

Grub Street, New York Magazine’s Food and Restaurant Blog, recently featured Chef Yoon in their article, “How the Tech World Turned on Private Chefs.” The article was originally supposed to share the life of a private chef, and I was delighted that they were interested in trailing me, but after Kitchit closed their Chef Market, they decided to change the direction of the article.

Please read the article to read more about what happened, and know that I have nothing but love and respect for Kitchit!


Chef Joseph Yoon 2 copy

Welcome to the New Yummy Eats



We are currently updating our website and should have it completed soon! In the meantime, please enjoy the new design while we put the finishing touches to it. We are also creating new videos, taking more photos, and expanding!  Stay tuned for more details.

Please feel free to get in contact with us if you are interested in hiring us for your event! We are available for all your dining/catering needs.

Deliciously yours,

Joseph Yoon

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